Injury Prevention

How to Warm Up for Rowing

The 9-step process that will get you ready to train at your best! If you don’t have 20 minutes to warm up, you don’t have time to train.

Total Body Warmup for Rowing

A good warmup is a critical first step in preventing injuries. Take <20 minutes to get yourself ready to train and perform with this simple exercise series.

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: Rib Stress Fracture

The rib stress fracture is a rowing injury that plagues up to 24% of rowers and is to blame for the most time lost from on-water training and competition [13]. Because bone injuries can only be healed by time, prevention, not treatment, is everything for this injury. In 2007, the Journal of Sports Medicine claimed that, “the pathology and prevention of rib stress fractures will be one of the most useful areas of research in rowing training.” It’s been nine years and we’ve gone through two generations of rowers since then, and where are we on that? It’s time for rowing to break into the 21st century and get current with injury prevention.

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: Snapping Hip Syndrome

Snapping hip syndrome is an injury that I struggled with personally and know how frustrating it is to be sidelined by an injury with an unclear diagnosis and path to resolution. Like all of these injuries, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so start including some of these preventative measures to stay healthy and keep getting faster!

Hip Health for Athletes

Take these four tips to your training for healthy, happy, and performing hips!

The Mobility for Rowers Series

Part 1: Thoracic Spine

Part 2: Hip Flexors

Part 3: Glutes

Part 4: Ankles

Rowperfect UK Strength Coach Roundtable Podcast

February 2016 with Blake Gourley, Joe Deleo, and Rebecca Caroe

Strength Coach Roundtable: Injury Prevention

In episode 3, Blake Gourley, Joe Deleo, and I focus on strength training for preventing rowing injuries. Overtraining, back injuries, and weight-room modifications discussed at length.

Stay Positive to Beat the Injury Blues

Check out my guest post for Rufo Optimal Workouts here and learn how to maintain a positive mental mindset to overcome injury.