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Dom Starsia: Letter to Parents (regarding club lacrosse)

Connor Martin: Early Recruitment

More Lacrosse Resources here

Strength Training

Greg Nuckols, World Record Raw powerlifter:

  • Greg recently posted a free comprehensive guide to strength training that is one of the best resources out there. It’s pretty dense, but if you want to learn more about it, this is where to go. Complete Strength Training Guide

Wil Fleming: Crossfit for High School Athletes (homepage

Conditioning & Sports Training

Mike Boyle: Improving Footspeed

Mike Boyle: Using Sled Running to Improve Acceleration

Joe Defranco: 9 Drills to Improve Acceleration Technique

10 Commandments of Athletic Development

Information on Shin Splints


Association for Applied Sport Psychology and Blog

NCAA article on Understanding Concussions

Joel Jamieson: The Truth About Injuries

Youth Sports Injury Statistics

Mike Isratael (JTS): Great summary of sport psych goal-setting

Fourteen and Broken: The Female Athlete


US Rowing: 10 Foods to Keep Rowers Healthy During Winter

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