I know some people like to know that coaches still do things besides just telling other people to do things, so — I currently train and compete in the sport of Strongman. I started competing in 2012 and am currently in the process of leaving the 175lb weight class behind and putting on some mass and strength to move up to the 200lb weight class. I’ll update this page if anything noteworthy happens.


2 unsanctioned WWU Powerlifting contests (2011, 2012)

2 unsanctioned WWU Strongman contests (2012, 2013)

4th place, NAS Kings of Krush (2013, MWM200)

3rd place, NAS Western’s Strongest Viking 2014 (2014, LWM175)

10th place NAS NOVA Summer Showdown (2014, MWM200)

1st place Port Coquitlam BC Battle of Beasts III (2015, MWM200)