Top Posts of 2015

Here are the most popular posts from the first year of Strength Coach Will.

Overcoming Erg Fear

Mobility for Rowers, Part 1: Thoracic Spine

Basics of Strength Training for Rowing

All About Overtraining

Exercise Selection for Athletes

A big thank you to everyone who has read, shared, liked, or bookmarked a post here, and to those of you who have purchased Rowing Stronger. With all of your support, Rowing Stronger has become the 9th most popular item in the whole Rowperfect e-store and their #1 bestselling non-free e-book. Two of my articles also made Rowperfect’s Top 5 most popular articles. I’m thrilled with the book’s reception and look forward to continuing to produce the training content to help you improve as an athlete in 2016.

One of my first exciting projects of the year is producing real physical copies of Rowing Stronger. I prefer a physical book to a digital book, as I’d imagine many of you do as well, and with the e-book’s success it now seems possible. The prototypes are sturdy and spiral bound for gym-friendliness and will contain some extra materials such as fillable-outable workout charts and some of the infographics from the blog. I’ll have more info out about this later this month.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for my email newsletter here to stay up to date on my 2016 coaching, whereabouts, and to get advance notice on other projects. I’m planning on attending some more regattas and rowing events in 2016 with the book and will keep you posted via email and Facebook.

I’ve spent the last month working on one of my most research-intensive posts so far, breaking down a common, though misunderstood, rowing injury and how to prevent it. Stay tuned for that next Monday.

Wishing you the best in 2016!

Will Ruth

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