“Rowing Stronger” Now Available!

Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Rowing PRowing Stronger RP COVERerformance is now available in the Rowperfect UK E-Book store!

This is the only comprehensive strength training resource published JUST for rowers. It contains everything you’d need to know to write a program from start to championship finish, stay healthy and injury-free along the way, and carry that strength over to improved rowing performance in the boat.

Rowing Stronger is 77 pages with illustrations, graphics, specific exercise prescriptions for rowing performance and injury prevention, the exact taper cycle I used with WWU rowing in 2014, an example of an annual periodization plan, and full bibliography.

Click here for a free preview of the first chapter of the book.

Buy now at Rowperfect

You can also read my “Basics of Strength Training for Rowing” article that outlines the block periodization system for rowing and is the basis of the manual.

Rowperfect have also produced the Rowing Stronger Companion DVD, an expanded version of the exercise guide including demonstrated examples of errors on the main barbell lifts, the mobility for rowers series, and footage of an actual spring workout with World University Games rower Carl Smith.

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