New Site:

I’ve moved all of my rowing content to my new website, I’ve moved all of my existing articles over and have set up redirects here so that clicking any of my rowing links takes you to the same link on the new website.

I started in 2015 as a resource for my in-person athletes who wanted to put in effort outside of practice. I started with the mobility guides, nutritional info, Youtube exercise guide, and basics of programming. It grew from there and as it grew, it made less and less sense to continue writing under this site’s name. The focus of my writing is the content, not me, and I wanted to write under a website name that supported that focus. Also, as I crossed the 60+ article mark, it got really hard to find anything on this site with the current theme and layout.

The new site starts with the name––and goes from there with bigger and more readable fonts, better content organization, and a website actually built with the intent of making content accessible. I’ve also been going back through my old articles and making formatting upgrades and content revisions so that I can build my website into what I want it to be–the online home of strength training for rowing.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you like the new site!